Tuesday, 17 June 2008


So, they wrote us a mail showing us their project and asking us to drop down a few lines about them, and we decided to do it simply because we believe in young people which demonstrate to be motivated.
So here is UNst: a group of guys who have always had a passion for the latest fashion trends seen all around the world. Right now they mainly get their ideas from streetwear, from nu-rave style and british fashion. Enjoy!



Anonymous said...

i modelli sono gay

lastee said...

non saprei, forse dovresti chiederlo a loro.. :)

Anonymous said...

no no.... invece sono 2 strafighi!!!!
come sono strafighe le loro cose!!!!!
bravi ragazzi :D

Anonymous said...

bello il brand complimenti.. molto bello anche lo space.. andate avanti cosi..

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